Some Moments of Fame

It’s funny how I could still manage to party despite the loads of stuff I need to accomplish for the sake of leaving college the soonest possible time. Whew.

Last night, I did not engross myself to my usual dusk till dawn thesis-making.  After all, its a Friday. And REA-doing-school-works during a Friday is ridiculuous. I and four of my friends went out to chill and to have some beach party rollin’ down the road. After feeling the ambience of the beach, the band music (hmm?), the people and everything else, we decided to hit downtown to get crazy videoke-ing. Nah. AND then we all went home at 3 am, after hitting Jollibee.


Before all the fun started,  I skidded my butt out at Gold’s pad. Damn. It’s as if I had a skateboard with me so it could have been better.  I don’t know what has gotten into the gods of the earth, what has gotten into me that I almost slid the moment I came, and then successfully slewed myself when we went back after dinner.  Obviously, it was because of that messy crap scattered on the ground and I don’t know how its called. All I knew was it was slippery and black. It’s stinky. Yuck. I had the split of my life, but not like that of a ballet dancer. Think I-was-down-on-bended-left-knee. And that hurts. Not to mention a pain in the ass.  Come to think of it, I was able to stand on my own (without tears) after the swerving moment. And that’s a pretty good thing.  I managed to blurt out after standing,  “What have I done?” But it was not a drama moment. It was just – cool?

So then I got my pants and my bag all too messed-up that I needed to borrow pants and bag from Gold, just so I could present myself well to the public. Whew.  (Thanks Gold.)

PLUS. Of course, who would forget that all four of my friends laughed their lungs out after what happened to me. I didn’t mind though. I told them to just laugh their ass out and it still won’t matter to me. Honestly 🙂

Friends laugh at you at your worst, that’s why they’re called friends. Because if they’re not, they won’t bother.


It’s not the fall that hurts, it’s the sudden stop. I didn’t feel pain the moment I slid, it was when I was already on the ground that I felt the pain. After successfully bringing back my equilibrium, I thought, it was normal after all. Sometimes we just need to experience a downfall so that we’ll learn from it. It can be a little more hurtful than the most hurtful things on earth, but it’s meant to be that way. And we have to look at it positively.

Too much for all the drama.

(Tag-ulan by After Image playing.) *sobs*


5 thoughts on “Some Moments of Fame

  1. waw. kadrama gud. haa. kita jud ko ato ba. pero at least diba, nakabalo ko na kaya pud diay nimu magblooper mode usahay. any way, you looked posh after. that’s more than cool dearie. haha

  2. @ beans: haha. “POSH” – c ram akong maalala ana. haha. nway, yea that’s a part of it. ang BLOOPER mode, well, bitaw, wala kau koy bloopers no? at least karon naa nakoy balik balikan. hahaha

    @ ako si J: pain in the ass talaga. as in literal. haha. di na masakit. mas masakit ang tuhod ko nun. hehe. on bended knee nga tlga. haha

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