Staring, and then SLEEPING.

409128324_c28eb2c9c51 It’s 11:27 pm.

I’ve been online since 4:30 pm.

And I am damn sleepy.

From Flicker

For three days now, I am in my cousin’s house – where there is a desktop computer with unlimited internet connection that either restarts or shuts down automatically (even if you do not want it to) at least 3-5 times each night, but is still a BIG help in doing my school stuff.

This is where I live a perfect life – using the internet from dusk till dawn, reducing the risk of ulcer because they’ll not allow me to get hungry, and my cousin, his wife, his five-year old daughter, and two other people in their house are all too cool about it.

My thesis defense had already been TEN days ago, and I should be expecting myself to get done with my thesis within that TEN long days.  Those days have passed without THESIS at hand. Nothing, nada! I have not started anything acceptable yet! An hour ago, I have been typing my thesis but I still have a lot of questions in mind. I had wished I could move on with my usual scribbles and brainstorming! But it seems to be far from that. Whenever I start to get engrossed with doing my revisions, I find myself either staring outside the window or staring at the monitor screen.

This hurts. I need something to perk me up! Now, I only have 2 weeks to finalize my thesis. And I still need to study for the finals.

I have been meaning to submit my draft tomorrow. I will. I’ll manage to come up with a very rough draft tonight. Tsk.

I hope writing a blog like this is just as easy as writing a thesis.  If its that way, I’ll be the happiest person on earth. (Duh. Do I sound happy?)

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at the blank page of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” – Gene Fowler


Updated 12:44am: I decided to just write down my ideas on paper later today, after consulting with my adviser. I hope I’ll find some luck and motivation from paper writing than typing directly on the computer. I can’t help it. My eyes hurt.

So now I need to sleep.


5 thoughts on “Staring, and then SLEEPING.

  1. ana jud ng buhay prinsesa rai! huhuhuhu… sulitin mo yan, walang ganyan sa boarding house 🙂 rai, mas ganahan ko s abag-o nga lay-out, ang combi sa color ug pagka emo sa header’s text 😛

  2. @ van:

    haha. yeah right. THANKS van. nagtry ko magpaka-poetic sa akong header. hehe. thanks thanks, ako na ged ang naningkamot ug ayos. haha. gudlak sa thesis.

  3. bitaw rai.:) agi-agi lang ko paminsan kay di ko gusto mag apil-apil, hehehe. tc. ei, uban ka karong may? 😀

  4. @ beans: ur photo is gone. wat happened??? hehe. lagi lagi. self-discipline to the max bya ko. not to mention abstinence mode! waahhh

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