Anxiety Attack

Why do things happen when you least expect them? Earlier, as in 2:30am, I was silently completing my e-learning modules. When I was about to finish reading, my heart suddenly went wild. It was beating rapidly! And then it reached the point when I couldn’t breathe anymore. Tears fell from my eyes as I was gasping for air.

Palpitation real-time. For the first time and for no apparent reason. I didn’t know why it happened. I was brought to the clinic and stayed there for 30 minutes. I was not even stressed nor was I nervous. I was not tired because I had a good sleep. I don’t know. I was just shocked something like that happened to me. Anyway, the nurse said that it was anxiety attack that’s why I had chest pain.


I was just happy I have friends who made me feel good. You know what I mean. I went here with no one to expect from (except my cousin of course). My mindset rested on the fact that for sure, I’ll meet a lot of people here.

There’s Aj, who offered to bring me to the clinic; Bubbles, who checked on me every now and then; Aya & Joanne, who asked me how I was feeling; Ivy, who repeatedly checked if I was really fine; Al, who softly tapped my back.  Oh, I was just glad I met them. We’ve only been together for two weeks yet it felt like we’ve known each other for quite a long time.

I know they won’t be able to read this. Maybe not now. But in my heart, I’m thankful I have them.


4 thoughts on “Anxiety Attack

  1. good to know you have quite a number of friends. =) so how would you feel if al hardly tapped your back?? hahahahaha

    anyway, keepsafe. no more palpitaions please. hahahaha

  2. hahaha. watever you meant by that “hard tap” on the back. wathhhever jud. wahaha.

    palpitations no more. haha, nabigla lang daw ko. char kaayo. haha

  3. i am so happy na may friends ka na jan rei. d ka na nag-iisa. heheh. sana mafriends din nmin mga friends mo pra friends na tayong lahat. 😀

  4. hi anj! thanks thanks. someday, we’ll all be friends. weee. im happy too na naa napud koy friends diri.

    miss na nko mo. T.T

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