Counting The Days

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

I fixed my things yesternight, confused of what to bring and what not to bring.

Finally, I’m leaving – two days from now, that is.

I said to myself, when it’s time to cry, it’ll be all for crying.

So I had a good cry. That was what I needed. I had wished it had not rained yesterday. Somehow, the rain had spoiled half of my day. I could have done a lot more.  But just as I cannot stop myself from leaving, I cannot stop the rain from falling.


I decided to leave some valuables at home – not because they’re just extra luggages, not because they’re not important anymore, not because I want to get rid of the memories, but because I knew that at one point  in life, some things need to be left behind just so we could move forward and that doesn’t mean moving away.

Maybe that’s why they say, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

I’m excited as much as I’m sad.  But I hope things will turn out fine. So that when it’s time to smile, it’ll be all for smiling.


7 thoughts on “Counting The Days

  1. mygawd. i love this post. masyadong plantsado ang lines. very well. pero nakakasad naman talaga.

    “some things need to be left behind just so we could move forward and that doesn’t mean moving away.” —–> AMEN!

  2. serious? hehe. thanks beans. makahilak gani ko ani na post. parang i just have to say it and say it. hahay T.T

    and as promised, more sensible post this time. hehe 😀 nagquotable kowts napud ko. ahaha

  3. SERIOUS! spoken like a real pro-blogger. blagadags. haha.

    ang ganda ng mga linya, kahit sa panaginip ko ay hindi ko maiiisip yan, pramis talaga! hahahha.

  4. beans naman. haha. cge na nga, i believe you. salamat! hahaha (murag dili daw mutuo). haha.

  5. so sa blog title jud ka nagcomment nu? hahaha. kay bday najud niya? haha. pero bitaw uy, ganahan ko ana! hahaha

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