bbIt’s when the nights are colder and the days are hotter that things get weirder and weirder.

As early as 5am today, my heart fell to my heels for a second. I swear it took me just a second to answer yes. But anyway, nothing to worry. It’s all cool.

And the million dollar question was have you or haven’t you?  Translated to my way of thinking, it’s actually like are you or aren’t you?

So I was like, whoa! For the first time, somebody had the gall to personally ask me that kind of question. Talk about culture shock. In any case, I should get used to it. Whew!


5 thoughts on “Wtf!

  1. courage iyon. pero ok lang. the truth will set you free. and if ever it really did, kabalo na ka whhat to do. wahahaha.

  2. @ beans:

    i know u trust me na kaya nako mulusot2 aning mga ani. hahaha. but nway, since naingon naman pud nko, so what diba? i can manage. ako pa. haha

    @ anj:

    chat ta! ill tell u! haha

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