So Long WordPress

TWO things.

First, I am leaving this blog 😦

Second, I am moving to a new blogsite 🙂

REAlity Bites.

Yes, that’s the link to my new blog.

This blog has been a witness to the smiles I had and to tears I shed. So thanks to everybody who became a part of it. The memories will remain and everything else that are written here.

To any of you who happened to read some of the posts here, THANK YOU. I appreciate your visit. To any of you who generously dropped comments all the time, exponential THANKS.

Hi BEANS! Thanks, my ever-loyal reader and comment-er? Lol.


2 thoughts on “So Long WordPress

  1. this is so sad. i’m left physically and virtually. that is. pero ok lang. oa kaayo ko no? hahaha. anyway, i’ll still be your number one reader and commenter. hehe. mwamwa

  2. waaahhhhh. im sori. likewise beans, ill be your loyal reader and commenter too.

    thanks a lot. mwaahh!

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