Getting Started

Finally, I’m already here. Here, somewhere far from the life I used to live, far from the things I used to do, far from the people I love, and far from the person I used to be.

Crossing the Sea

Crossing the Sea

(Got that photo here.)

Living a new life is just as tough as facing the real world. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. You ask questions but you simply can’t answer them yet. You begin to wonder why the hell you’re here on earth. You begin to be more aware that you don’t live for yourself alone. Other people are expecting so much from you and the worst thing that you don’t want to happen is to fail and disappoint them.

And these things are exactly what I have been experiencing since the day I set foot on this island. I am 45 minutes away from home – by plane, that is. So near yet so far. I don’t know what to expect but I don’t think about it anymore. I wake up, go to work, do my job, satisfy myself and the people who need to be satisfied, go home, and sleep. The next day, I still do the same. You may realize that my life is going to be routinary. True enough, it is. But since I always look at the brighter side of things, I believe that each day is still different from the other.

I am learning to love my life now. I was kind of startled. I knew it’s not going to be that easy. And I was right. Being the optimist that I am, I am pretty sure I’ll get to cope with the new environment and the new people.

Let God’s holy will be done.