I keep on reminding myself not to panic when stressful moments come. This is when you realize that things are not easy after all. My 2pm-11pm shift ended last Friday which now puts me to a 7pm-4am shift. God. It was pretty stressful if you think about it. But what can I do? This is where the real job gets in, and I have to embrace it simply because I chose to do this and nobody coerced me to sign the job contract.

But hey! Looking at the bright side of things, I get paid just for learning something! Great? I admit. Yesterday was a struggle. I was not able to sleep the whole day to prepare for the late night training. And that’s because I needed to claim my allowance. I wasn’t able to go home and rest. I ended up looking like an addict who couldn’t get a fix. Well, everybody in the training room looked the same. Except for the new trainer whose favorite question was “are we cool?” And then everybody managed to let out a plain YES.

We were dismissed for the mealbreak an hour after the promised mealbreak time, which made me quite out of focus because I was really hungry and sleepy. Good thing, siomai made my day.


So we were out for mealbreak at midnight. And here’s where siomai enters the story. Before I left Gensan, the whole siomai thing was in my subconscious. I just recalled some sort of a sign I was thinking of before I left. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.

The bottomline is: my day wasn’t that great but siomai made it great.  🙂