Dropping by…

Hey! For some reasons, I suddenly wanted to still get hold of this blog even though I bid goodbye 2 years ago. I luckily retrieved my log in credentials! So here, I just want to drop by and post something for the very last time to say that I soo much miss writing here – when times were still probably more about fun, you know, what do you expect. I soo miss college. This blog indeed contained all my emotions and all that I can share about my life in college and when I was transitioning to the real world. Very nostalgic..

I don’t want to make this post very long coz I’m afraid this will bring me to tears. Lol! Somehow, I consider this the prequel of my blog now: REAlity Bites where I write more about serious stuff, more about life, love, and relationships. I guess I’m really a grown-up now, a 22-year old grown-up. =)