Maybe that’s why I didn’t bother pack my things up last night.

Maybe that’s why I and my father had some cold war lately.

Maybe that’s why my mother wanted me to go home before I leave.

Maybe that’s why I am half-happy and half-lonely.



My official start date was moved to May 22, instead of May 13. So I will be leaving on the 21st. About a week more to go. More time to rest, sleep, and eat. More time to hibernate, more time to do this and that. More time for possible cold wars. More time for possible guess whats (ehem!). And more time to get bored to tears.

At least, there’s more time to be here. And I hope when the time comes that I surely have to leave, I’ll be more prepared. *Sigh*


4 thoughts on “Half

  1. @ beans:

    hehehe uu nga, unta di ko makatok na maisipan nko magbackout. di man siguro nu? hehe. unta unta. kalma lang. hahaha

  2. @ coh:

    hahaha. we’ve had enough of bats i think? haha. so mag crocodiles na pd ta! haha hibernate ged!

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