(Semi) Final Pages

Yes! I’m back to earth!!!

Last night, I didn’t know why the hell I needed to stare hard on my journal (yes, the hard bound) for no apparent reason. I didn’t know why tears suddenly fall from my eyes. I wasn’t even thinking. I was overwhelmed by my subconscious thoughts for quite some time. All I knew was that I was a bit tired from swimming the afternoon out. READ: soaking my feet on the cold water just to get wet, and talking to an invisible friend again.

And then it all dawned on me. It was nostalgic.  So nostalgic that I found myself writing my last journal entry in Tagalog.

**Ito na ang magiging mga huling pahina na susulatan ko – dito sa talaarawang ito na nagsilbing karamay ko sa aking paglalakbay. Paalam. Ako’y magbubukas na naman ng panibagong talaarawan para sa panibagong yugto ng aking buhay. Hanggang sa muli. **

I am not even sure if I can talk much about it. If I have my way, I’d love to. But I don’t know how to start.


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