Goin’ Senti

Ok, it’s not that I don’t feel like writing/blogging. It’s just that I need to collect my thoughts before blogging a sensible something. I need to put myself together just so I won’t burst into tears. I need to prepare myself so that I’ll be able to face the real drama. Just give me time.

I hope this photo will help.


Taken during my second year in college, that’s about three years ago.

That was when I thought it would be nice if I’d try something new.

Now, I’m leaving college. NO. YES. I’m leaving. SOON.

How SOON is NOW. Confused.

I’ve been into a lot of thinking lately.

And you know how hard it is to think.

Eleven more days before graduation.

I know I’m off for something new again.



Give me time, ok?


4 thoughts on “Goin’ Senti

  1. Hello Rea.
    Thank you sa pagvisit sa blog ko ha…^_^
    masyado kong na appreciate yon…Then you leave a comment pa…^_^
    Thank you very much… ^_^
    Have a nice day always and take care… ^_^

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