First things first.

All my efforts paid off.

I have never felt so relieved. Yesterday, I already got my final thesis grade. It was more than what I expected. In short, I was happy. I am happy.

I also got my final grade in my deadly Crisis Communication class. Again, it was more than what I expected. Happy. Proud of myself.

My last night’s motto was:  Sleep is for the weak.

My thesis buddy Gold and I spent the night printing all six copies of our thesis. We started at around 7pm until 11pm, we had our late dinner and then resumed the printing at around 1am until 7am! Now you know what I mean.

So I had to do some stupid things just to stop myself from dozing off (yeah, like reading Finding Mr. Right). Ugh. And it was even a wrong move, because I got even more sleepy! Grr.

The sound of the printer was nostalgic. Tengkk, tak tak tak, tennngkk! Ugh.

And finally, just this afternoon, we were already given the approval sheet for our thesis after the final checking.

Yes, we already had our thesis manuscripts bookbound after the checking.

Dugo’t pawis ang inalay namin sa kasuluk-sulukan ng Bolton para lang makamura sa bookbinding. Whew.

Salamat Lord. Dakila ka. Mahal kita.


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