As much as I hate to compress my thank yous in two pages, I don’t have much choice. I only have at most two pages for my thesis acknowledgment. So as promised – I’m posting my thesis acknowledgment here. The final grading will still be on Thursday but I want to post it now anyway.

Writing this thesis had been a struggle – from choosing a significant topic up to the final defense and final editing. Finally, the struggle had come to an end. Nonetheless, I would not have come this far if not for the people who made me feel that I did not have to bear the struggle alone; you deserve to be mentioned in this page.

My sincerest gratitude to the following:

To my family – mama and papa – for not failing to guide and support me while writing this thesis, for making me learn the hard way, and for giving your best in making the hard way memorable.  To my younger sibs – J1 and Lucks – for inspiring me in doing this thesis despite the distance.

To my Ninang Melins, for being my second mother, and for being a part of my struggle.

To my adviser – Ma’am Karen – for the guidance and support, and for keeping me on the right track.

To the panelists – Ma’am Jeni, Ma’am Jhoanna, Sir Nino, and Sir Dennis – for helping me improve my thesis.

To Sir Wilfred, for patiently editing my thesis.

To Brgy. Captain Ramon Bargamento II and to the councilors and employees of Barangay Mintal Office, for allowing me to conduct a research in your office and for always directing me to the right resources.

To my cousin – Kuya Franj and his family – for offering me a home away from home and for allowing me to use the computer while I was on my dusk till dawn thesis-making.

To my favorite uncle – Uncle Almer and his family – for allowing me to use their personal computer when I needed to finish and polish my thesis.

To the gang who gave me the coolest friendship ever – Beans, you know what I always have to say to you, thanks for being the best; Gold and Corinne – for being my thesis buddies, I will never forget our sleepless thesis nights; Joan, Anj, Krish, Steh – for always inspiring me and for the usual tagline Kaya mo yan, naging Rea ka pa.”

To my forever roommate –Van I hope you know how thankful I am to have you, you offered and gave me all the help I needed, thanks for being there.

To my close friends – Meng, Peaches, Jez – for the moments we’ve shared, and for being there.

To my batchmates, we all share the same sentiments, thanks for the simple good lucks.

To my boardmates – Chaps, Roselle, Arvi, Rij seeing you work and struggle had motivated me to do my thesis, thanks a lot.

To HIM, I believe HE exists, thanks for giving me everything I have now.


10 thoughts on “Acknowledgment

  1. OMG. Mao na jud ni akong giingon, ug nakita nako akong name…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sa wakas rai, nahuman na imohang acknowledgments! weeee… mugraduate na jud ka? OMG, ana ka! pero bitaw rai, nahuman najud ang kahago nimo 🙂 Sablay nalang ang kulang, weeeee

  2. @ van:

    yes yes yow! weeeh. today’s the day, final grading na jud. hapiiittttt na! hahaha.

    yes van, you deserve a space sa akong ack. thanks!

  3. I will be away on April 22 so I may not be able to greet you then. So karon pa lang, congratulations to you and your colleagues! Pahabol sa Kape’t Gatas post: In the end what will matter most will be strength of character!

  4. @ pitch:

    thanks pud pitch! yer welkam sa tanan 🙂 wud u beliv, mas nauna pa kug hilak kay meng ganina pagkita namo. sheet! nway, cge lang pitch, minsan lang bya ka muhilak so make the most of it. hehe 🙂 congrats!

  5. ako ay nagsilbing GUARDIAN nio sa cat.pekens!!!

    waaaa..tama jud c krisha..tamad lang jud ku ba…
    well, rai..u’ve done your part..and u deserve everything..
    weee..colin really happy for you tahlagah..haha
    *hugs and french kisses*
    xet! chorva lang! wahahahaha
    oooopsss! ang usapan ha? hehehe…happy _____, red ____!!!!

  6. @ colin:

    i know na kaya to nimu tapuson coh, naa lang jud mga external factors diba? hehe.

    THANKS so much coh, for believing in me. huhu. drama na ged ni.

    tapos xmpre kailangan mag fill in the blanks ka? hahaha. okie a. lets be happee horseeyyy! weehee.

    labshu. mwah!

  7. you’re the best, too, rai! \m/

    imagine, bisag si ron nagaingon na na you’re the best! wee. we have ourselves to depend on starting now. wuhoo.

    kanya-kanya na ni.

    parang si gold. hahahaha. ssshhhh.

  8. @ beans:

    thanks beans. yes, dili na ta mag expect. we shud have learned by now. as in, makahilak mana si ron ui. ahehe!

    payts play game na jud ni. yahoooo!

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