After A Week

After a week of not blogging…

TIME: 11:43 pm

1. I went home (as in my Gensan home!) yesterday, arrived at 10pm. Yes, that’s after one looongg month! Whew!

2. Minutes ago, I already submitted my thesis to my language editor. I had four attempts in e-mailing my thesis before I finally got it right because I got the wrong email address.

3. I cannot wait for next week to end. As if I have a choice. Patience is a virtue.

4. My ADDU friends already graduated – just today. And here I am, still waiting for the final defense and final exams. Very fortunate.

5. My other friends will be graduating before March ends. And here I am, waiting still.

6. Ms. Sanrio Mariz told me over YM minutes ago,

TOL!!! ASA KA? kakauwi ko lang :)…

ME: ayy laagan. haha.

heheh..buing…gikan ko ug veranda…nag inom.

So she expected me to believe her? HAHA. I didn’t! Of course, she said afterwards,


7. I look terrible, and awful. READ: zombie.

8. I have been an antukin nomad lately, going to places with my classmates and friends to find luck in concentrating with our thesis, and then eventually end up sleeping at around 1am when I’m supposed to be sleeping at 3am!

9. My parents actually give me the freedom to work where I want to. And I’m happy with that.

10. How come I’m thinking that way, when I still have a final defense and final exams?

11. I’m in my grandmother’s house just a block away from our house, and I can’t help but be amazed because the living room looks like an orphanage. Andaming bata. My cousins are all here, including my younger sister.

Ayan silang lahat, imagine them all right now, nakahilata sa sahig (na may foam naman).

Mga batang lansangan.

Mga batang lansangan.

I feel happy looking at them. Diba? Masdan mo ang mga bata at ang sagot ang iyong makikita.


7 thoughts on “After A Week

  1. sadya basta daghang mga bata, yupiiiii! as in U-P!… karon lang nako namatikdan nakaapil man diay ko sa mga blog addicts, hehehe. ok lang. daghang salamat. 🙂

  2. @ daxi:

    hehe. bitaw, makalingaw ang daghag bata, bisag samok ug saba kaayo. haha.

    yeah. blog addict pud ka. hehe. welkam! 🙂

  3. napaka inosente naman ng ending mo rai, hehehe… mga bata… 🙂
    gogo rai! god bless sa plenary ninyo 🙂

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