Ten Honest Things About Myself

TIME: 1:21 am

Being a loyal netizen, I went bloghopping some minutes ago.  Then, I happened to pass by these blogs – Ako.I.Io and Cen’s World – and I found something interesting.


The Ten Honest (but scrap? no scraps!) Things About Myself would be:

–in no particular order–

1. I have a pet named Saint. Yes, named after her.  She happened to like it so she brought it with her two years ago.


2.  I am a moron when it comes to cooking. I cannot even perfect the art of cooking rice.


3. I love my family. Yeah I know, my father’s not in the photo (taken 13 years ago). And that’s simply because we never had any family picture.


4. I make it a point to still keep in touch with my high school friends because I love them.


5. My college friends have made my college life easier and happier.  To those who are not in the photos, yes, I love you still.



6. I am very bold to say that I know how to swim – WITH A LIFE VEST! HAHAHA.


7. I am a drinker, but not a drunkenmaster. No hard please.


8. Yes, I smoke. (I don’t need to explain here right?) And I hope my parents won’t have the gall to read this, or else, I’m dead meat. But in any case that they’ll be able to read this, do I have a choice?


9. More than anything else in this cyberworld, this blog post has caused me so much tears. All because of this jerk. HAHA! Paspas kaayo ko nakakawat ug picture diba? Lol!


10. I am an achiever, but I still have a healthy social life.


I have a whole lot more to say, but since this HONEST SCRAP TAG is limited to ten, ok then, I’m following instructions. HAHA. This TAG was not even passed to me. I just felt like blogging about it. Care?

Now, I’m passing this TAG to seven interesting people I know (who blog) Hmm? Count: Beans, Gold, Gwyn, Peaches, Titit, Van, Corinne.

Rules for Posting the Honest Scrap Tag

  1. Write a post about this tag and include the name (URL link) of the person(s) who passed this tag.
  2. Write also 10 HONEST things about yourself.
  3. Pass this tag to 7 friends/bloggers and leave comments on their blogs informing about this tag.

9 thoughts on “Ten Honest Things About Myself

  1. hehehe. thanks rai. 😦 mwah mwah… hala uie, dili man ko patient blogger, cge lang manukad ko aning “tag thingy”, hehehe, thanks ulit.

  2. @ van:

    go go go van! hehe. take ur time ah. u dont need to do it now naman. hehe. kung may time lang ka 🙂

    weeeh. ur welcum! mwa!

  3. You tagged me! Kaso tamad man ko uy. HAHAHA. BTW! Bag-o gud akong number ay. Dugay na! Wa man gud kuy pantext sa Smart oy. Multiply na lang! Iremind ko HAHAHAHA

  4. yea..thanks rai..
    i don’t think mapanindigan jud nako ang tag
    balanced ka man…social life, acads..
    hahah..minus mg pampagulo na chorva..haha.

  5. @ Tit:

    HAHAHA. I know tamad ka soulmate! HAHA u said so! Haha. Ok ra uy. Just try it some other time kung may gana naka! HAHA. Yes the number! Ill remind u. Tnx

    @ Coh

    HAHA as in. Balanced ged man. Kung may time ka, panindigan mo ang tag na yan! ahahaha
    tnx colin! mwa

  6. you tagged me! 😀 thanks. been drafting this “25 Random Things About Me” note on facebook. still don’t have the time to finish it, though. 😦

    anyways, i’ll see if i can participate in the game. ahaha


  7. Lingawa sa tag oi. haha, nice article. miss ko na rin matag ng mga laro laro kagaya nito, ni bisita man lang, ala ang blog ko, heto pa kaya >.<

    kevin from pinoyteens.net

  8. @ kevin:

    thanks for the visit. haha. kaw najud. try it sometimes para malingaw pud ka! 😀

    go go. try it! weehh

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