Friday the 13th

That was yesterday. Which reminds me of someone luckily born on a Friday the 13th.

Lucks The Great

Lucks The Great

Oh yes. I remember this bitch. This bitchy 13-year old kid who, I think, got her bitchness from her a bit older sister whose name starts with letter R. Because her bornday fell on a Friday the 13th, she was nicknamed Lucky/Lucks which is commonly spelled now as Lux (yes, shampoo), and that is to keep her away from misfortunes and unluckiness.

She is 8 years younger than her sister and stands so tall now. And then her sister urges her to stop growing or else! Lol!

Laughing their asses out.

Laughing their asses out.

That’s Lucks with Thea, her a year younger cousin.

Yeah. She’s that super and hyperactive bitch as always. She’s moody though, and she cries whenever she wants to, even at this age. Sometimes I don’t get it. She’s still 13 but she speaks and acts like a smart ass, and I honestly think she’s a late bloomer.

She’s sweet and kind  and supportive yet she can be maldita and tamad at times. But however bitchy she is, her sister loves her big time.

At kahit hanggang Friendster at Yahoo lang ang abot ng cyberspace knowledge nya, she deserves to be mentioned in this page.



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