Tear Jerker

Who cares if we're not listening?

Who cares if we're not listening?

Because he’s my best jerk, I didn’t care if I had not learned so much from our previous subject, the one we both hated most. Basta malingaw lang mi duha, payts na! We were young then, obvious naman sa picture. So we didn’t care.

I remember these lines and situations well.

What Rea knows, Beans knows. What Beans knows, Rea knows.

There’s no doubt with it. We have earned each other’s trust. And everybody knows that every information is our conjugal property. Who cares?

Grabe! Wala pa mo nagsawa? Magkauban na gani mo sa Davao, magkauban japun mo sa Gensan!

Kinsa imong kauban mag-uli?

Si Beans.

Ah so I won’t go home without you inyong drama?

Loyal YBL-aircon passengers.

Loyal YBL-aircon passengers.

That’s where most of the chikathon happen.

And so last week passed, it was unusual that we didn’t go home together. That alone surprised our friends. I had a final exam last Sunday so I couldn’t go home. I had a good laugh with what I and Anj had talked about over the net, stuff about how Beans went home without me and all that. It was just one of the scenes meant to soften things – like the idea of someone leaving soon.

I was planning to blog about this a week or some days before graduation. It was already saved in my DRAFT pages. I don’t know. Maybe things really happen when we least expect them. So I have read this blog post by Beans some minutes ago. And everything about the trigger event of this stuff was completely told there. Thanks for making me cry again you jerk!

I know. I can’t wait to graduate. But I hate thinking that I am about to leave. Things will be different sooner. I believe I’ll be living a different kind of life. One that is more committed to the future.

BEANS will always be BEANS, for me.

Ngano wala ka gainom karon? Pag-inom uy, wala kay angay!

Wala ka gakaon ana Rai? Ako kaon bi. He knows what I eat and I don’t eat.

Enough Rai. Time to change. Dapat ugma ok naka.

Ngano wala man pud nimo gi-explain imong side? (Comm Plan days.)

I bet he already forgot some of the lines. Believe me, I have a better memory than him! So you better agree with me! Lol.

Kidding aside. I know I’ll miss a lot of things.

Beans is always the very FIRST person to whom I share my deepest, darkest secrets with.

Sshh. For our ears only.

Sshh. For our ears only.

He never fails to make me happy all the time.

We laugh to death.

We laugh to death.

We share the same tanga moments. And we don’t care.

Tsk. Tsk.

Tsk. Tsk.

He listens when I speak.

Need we say more?

Need we say more?

He is always the first one to offer me help.


He never refuses any of my requests.

LING 101

LING 101


He is the only person who made a eulogy for me even if I am still alive.

He always tells me xmpre idol gud taka.

And the most recent, during AH5’s checking of papers time, he told me over the text, xmpre dili ka mabagsak ana.

He knows we’re both on the same page. He knows me. He defends me. He supports me. He believes in whatever I can do even when I do not believe in myself.

I may leave someday. We may not be able to do things as often as we do before. I may not stay and sleep in his boarding house room anymore.  But we’ll still look after each other. And things will forever be remembered.

He will always be my shot and puff buddy, my forever textmate and seatmate, my  bedmate (haha!), my confidante, my listener, my best jerk, my best bud and my best friend.

Plus, he knows that my loyalty always belongs to him.

We may go different ways sooner. But we’ll meet halfway. And once more, we’ll do the things we used to do! Weeeh 😀

I may not say this very often, but I know he knows too that I care for and love him more.

Nothing will change.


7 thoughts on “Tear Jerker

  1. yawa ka rai. balusanay? hahahaha.

    imagine, maground ang laptop sa luha in front of joan, krisha, corinne, celsy – the not so graduating jerks. haha. and to elton who is fucking graduating. haha.

    anyway, atleast wala naulit ang pics nimo sa pics nako. hahahaha.

    gaga ka rai. gaga!

    labyoo rai.

  2. @ BEANS:

    i told you na gani naka-draft na ni! HAHAHA. Tangina! i know. i know. we hate crying about this stuff. pero nauna kag PAHILAK sa akua! Grrrr!

    as in. naisip na nako xmpre na dapat di maulit2 ang pix! hahaha.
    gaga jud! hehe.

    labyooo tooo beans!!! 😀

  3. beans is right, what you have is more special that a bf/gf rel. di ba? i’m happy for both of you. kasal nalang ang kulang!! HAHA, kiddin 😛

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