A Little Hurtful Than the Most Hurtful Thing

(For a friend)

If those books could talk, they could have shouted and cried in torment.

True, there is nothing more upsetting than ending a relationship you once thought would work forever. You were so sure that everything would be perfect, that you would be happy. But that’s about it. Why, because you don’t live in fairy tales. Foolish are you who believe that life is a utopia. And as they say, the truth is: everyone’s just gonna hurt you, you would just have to choose who’s worth the pain.

Now, you choose to end the relationship. You choose to end whatever there was between the two of you. You didn’t intend to do that, did you? You wanted to save the friendship more than ever. But fate has its own way of making things happen, and it’s beyond your control.

You decided to give something to her – for a reason, I suppose. But she chose not to accept it – and she has her reason/s too, I suppose.

She said, just throw it away.

You said, keep it and do whatever you want with it.

You didn’t mean to tell her that it was fine with you if she would throw it away.

You believed that she would at least try to save the relationship.

Before you could even explain, she turned her back on you – AND without hesitation, she threw it away.

It was as good as throwing away the years of friendship you had.

So sad.

A stoned look marked her face, making it seem like she was insensitive of what’s happening. She’s good at pretending. What a shame! She didn’t even mind if people were listening, if people were watching.

You knew you didn’t need to say something. You knew how she would react. You understood that what she did was hurtful. She was – unbelievable. Now, you just hope that you still have some respect left for her. After all, you had loved her, and you will still, even though she has totally closed her doors – clearly saying that she wouldn’t want to see you again.

When will enough be enough? Try now.



11 thoughts on “A Little Hurtful Than the Most Hurtful Thing

  1. hahaha, i can so relate sa post… weeeeeeeeee. 🙂 oo rai unsa man gud ka rai ba, let go uie… pero sayang jud ang ORIGINAL REPOSITORIES OF KNOWLEDGE *bux* noh? ana jud na rai, naa pakoy FRIEND na nag ingon “i can always start a new one” hehehehe, ana lang gud, magend mag start mag end mag start… let go rai, kaya mo yan… hehehe

  2. @ van:

    if i am a book, i will be a hard-bound book, para at least kung ilabay ko, dili kaayo sakit! o ha o ha?? hehe.

    anyway, ur right. all good things come to an end. we have to think nalang na walay masayang bisag nag end ang tanan, kay we learned from it naman.

    we’ll carry on van. 🙂

  3. hahahaha… balots maski unsa ka gahi sa book naa japoy damage… 😦 abi lang nimo pagahi-gahi pero nasakitan diay to, o ha, o ha? uu rai WE learned from IT. yeah,yeah…

    gipas-an na rai, gikapuie na gani maong gibilin nalang sa dalan 🙂 hehe

  4. @ van:

    hahaha. yes, i have to agree. AT LEAST, dili kaayo sakit pero xmpre naa japun ang sakit. medyo papel ra pud bya japun ang hardbound, gahi lang. haha. pasabta ko.

    lets just laugh at this. mao 2. lets love ourselves all the more! weeh 😀

  5. lets love ourselves all the more!!! weeeee.:) labyu rai… hehehehe, by the way, (for a friend?) kinsang friend ni imohang ginatukoy? 🙂

  6. makigulo ako ha? 🙂 share ko lang ‘tong beautiful text msg I recently received from a friend:

    “Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day. Stay positive and keep smiling” 🙂

  7. @ Daxi:

    wheew. NO PROB a. Welcome ka dito. Weeeh 😀

    ganyan lang talaga ang buhay. maraming salamat 🙂

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