I don’t understand why some people spend too much time in front of an Automated Teller Machine aka ATM. I mean, yes, at some point, I understand. Maybe they are having some problems on how to key in the right stuff or whatever or maybe the machine’s having a problem.

I CAN MANAGE THAT MESS. But when it’s taking someone really really too long to end  whatever it is that he/she needs to transact, IT’S  A PAIN IN THE NECK. Really.

This morning, I was waiting for that lady in brown and pink stripes, Lee Denim pants, and brown sandals to finally get done with her ATM transaction/s. But it took her really too long, about 35-40 minutes or so (not kidding). Like what the hell was she trying to do anyway? So I was like  close to saying “pwede pud ka magdali manang kay naa pako’y klase.” I was close to roaring! Rawrrrr! But since I am naturally kind and patient and understanding and considerate, I kept my cool that moment. Whew.

Finally, the lady realized that she needed to give way to some poor unfortunate soul waiting at her back (that’s me). So I got my money in less than 1 minute! C’mon! See what I mean?


8 thoughts on “ATM

  1. baka madame xang bitbit na atm card. ganyan madalas pag nagsusweldo. haha. sana pinamukha mu na 2 atm transactions per person. nkatry ako dati eh. sinumbong ko sa guard. belat sila. haha

  2. @ gold:

    hahaha. nafeel ko rn nga eh, tapos lingon xa ng lingon. neknek nya! haha. kainis. tapos antok pa ako kanina, sa nccc pa yn ha. haha. naka earphones pa xa, pa-music2 pa. haha

  3. i perfectly understand this, ray. some people are really inconsiderate. lanay kaau. may iba rin mga saleslady/cashier na ganyan. i know that’s not really THE topic here, but hey, they’re related. haha.

  4. @ ako si J:

    haha. oo nga, may tama ka! wee. diba naman, ang bilis na ng ikot ng mundo, yet those people are so slow! tsk tsk.

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