Short Wee Hours

Another one of my oxymoron lines.

Like the fact that I love reading and I love books, but I do not own a single book.

So a while ago, my short wee hours were spent strolling around the mall, looking for anything I was not so sure of. I was attracted again by the sight of books on the bookshelves. I checked out the newest ones. The prices ranged from 99Php to 200Php, pretty affordable. I felt the sudden urge to buy myself some good books, but I wasn’t able to. Tsk.

I know I can manage to buy myself even only one book. But I feel like one book’s not enough so I’m afraid I’ll get this urge again to buy some more. And I can’t manage that now. Simply because I have priorities.

On the one hand, I won’t have time to read those books right now anyway. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Short Wee Hours

  1. Books are good investments. But then again, you can just borrow or dload and e-book or an audiobook! HAHA! I just buy real real nice books. (And yes, “The Notebook” falls under that category)

    PS. I love the oxymoron. 🙂

  2. @ ako si J:

    tama. tama. lagi lang akong nanghihiram, nver tried downloading. hehe. mas gusto ko kasi hard copy. hehe.

    yung The Notebook nga, hiniram ko lang dn yun. Ahaha :p

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