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Time: 1:54 am


I AM A GOOD STUDENT. (She thinks/doubts.)

I AM A GOOD STUDENT. (She thinks/doubts.)

UP, my beloved school, really has its own way of making students suffer sweetly. Whatever that means to you is beyond me. So I am still up this late,Β  blogging as usual, multi-tasking as always and forever. And that is after I have edited/destroyed my thesis crap, and after going through/memorizing 369 paintings for my Art & Society class, which reminds me of our way-too early final exam on SUNDAY. Yes. This Sunday, which is just two days from now. I’m dead meat. Dead fish.


For the sake of vagueness.

For the sake of vagueness.

Everybody seems to be so emotional, NOT a big deal for me though. It’s just sort of surprising. People are blogging and crying more than ever, or at least my friends are, and I am not against that. Happy, eh? Blog and cry all you can friends! πŸ˜€




I am so involved – with others, with my friends’ lives. And then come to think of it, I am distracted by their lives more than I am distracted with my own life. Lol! Maybe I should start thinking of myself too. Tsk, I don’t wanna believe that there’s NOTHING really interesting about my life. Erg. There is. There is. HAHAHA.




Need I say more?


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. 1st. I agree with the sweet sorrow that UP’s inflicting on its students.
    2nd. I wanna blog more, BUT I can’t seem to find time for it.
    3rd. One thing that’s interesting bout your life is the fact that we are friends. HAHA!
    4th. Whatever that is, I miss that too. Let’s partey hard after this. puhleez. πŸ˜›

  2. @ ako si J:

    I AGREE. I have a friend like you and that’s more than interesting! Whoaaa. Thanks gwynee!! πŸ˜€

    Blue margarita yung last. YES DEFINITELY, we’ll party after everything!!! yahoo!

  3. @ gold:

    hahaha. true friends know. wee πŸ˜€
    yahoo. lets just keep the ball rolling! haha. thanks goldie!

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