Ms. Dream Interpreter

Time: 2:05 am.

It is when you sleep less that you’ll get WEIRD weird dreams. You can quote me on that. 😀

WHEN: Around 1pm yesterday afternoon.

WHERE: Beans’s bed.

I woke up at around 3pm, so it was just about 2 hours of sleep, quite short. I thought for a while, regaining my senses. Then I realized, it was all a dream. And.It.Was.The.Same.Dream. WEIRD. I was teary-eyed. For no apparent reason. Which makes it, uh? – yes, just flat-out weird.


Last time, I told Beans, my bestbuddy, that he appeared in my dream. But I chose not to tell him what the dream was all about. Yikes!


I was quite bothered yesterday. But now I thought that I should not be. Why, DREAMS ARE NORMALLY WEIRD right? So what’s with the fuss? I dreamed the same dream TWICE.  So?  So now I say, if I happen to dream again about that same dream for the THIRD time, then I’ll take time to interpret it. Duh. Is it the fact that I dreamed about that same dream twice, or is it just me? Or yeah! It’s about what the dream is all about. Because I understand it.  Unlike any other dream, the picture is clear. It was even uncut. It was close to, yeah I don’t know. HAHA.  And that is the weirdest thing about that weird dream I have.



The best interpreter of your dreams is yourself.

PS: Beans, I’m not about to tell you, and I know you’re not about to ask me about it. HAHA. I’ll tell you, SOON.


6 thoughts on “Ms. Dream Interpreter

  1. @ van:

    ayy mao to ang first dream, which was different from the 2nd and 3rd na same dreams lang. hehehe.

  2. archive! leche, you know what?? this is actually the first time i checked all your entries. mas nauna pa nakog basa tanan kay buquir. sheet.

    anyway, what was that? or did you already tell me and my ST works again just now?? hahahaha.

  3. @ beans: hahaha. ganyan. inuna kay buquir! hahaha. pero no, wala pa nko naingon sa imuha! ahahaha. :p

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