Happy Horse Red Horse Beer!

“Experience that distinctive full-flavored taste and extra-satisying strength of a world-class premium strong beer.”

 If you really are a red horse lover, you should have memorized the line at the back of the red horse bottle. Lol.


Oops! Don’t speak, I know what you’re thinking! Yes, that’s one of my beer drinking days. Wait, I looked addicted I know but I was not drunk, I was just tired. Haha.

Just a while ago, my friend asked me online about this happy horse red horse. Hmm? Sounds wut? Yes, she must have known I’m a red horse lover! Lol.

J: Rai, alam mo yung happy horse?

Ako: Happy horse? Ano yun?

J: Basta yung happy horse na red horse. Search mo sa yahoo.

Ako: Di ko alam yan ha. Haha.

J: Basta special daw eh. Mahahanap mo lang sa isang case ng red horse.

Ako: Sa isang case lang talaga?

J: May isa kada case daw.  Mas malakas daw ang tama.

Ako:  Wow. Search ko yan. Galing! Ang saya!

See, how come I do not know about it when I have been drinking red horse beer since God-knows-when and God-knows-how-often!  Whoa!

Red horse beer has ever since quenched the thirst of my driest days.

It has been one of the foundations of my friendships with different people.

It has witnessed the pinches and the punches of every breath I take and every move I make. (Haha!)

It has led me to a concert in the bathroom.

It has led me to know what a Red Horse can do and what it cannot.

It has always been RED HORSE. Tooooott! Hahaha.

Ngunit bakit? Ngayon na kung ano-ano na lang ang hinahalo ng barkada sa red horse para naman maiba. 

Ngayon na wala nang pinipiling oras ang barkada para mag Red Horse.

Ngayon ko pa lang nalaman na meron pa lang masayang red horse! 

Barkadahang tunay! Mag one case na tayo! Gusto ko sana akin ang unang happy horse! Pero dahil happy person na ako, iaalay ko na lang ang happy horse sa kung sino man ang hindi masaya sa ngayon. Yahoo!

Now, do you wanna know what makes a happy red horse a happy red horse? Check this out. HAPPY HORSE.  *Wink*


11 thoughts on “Happy Horse Red Horse Beer!

  1. grabe ka-‘linked’..ur multiply led me here…and ur wordpress is leading me somewhere..waaaaa.
    atih..libel up na. sowvwah na.
    bitaw! kinsa gapauso anang sagulan ang RH beh!?..
    just happy to know everybody’s happy drinking happy horse red horsey!

    waaa.. aja!

  2. raaay! haha 😀 grabeh naman ‘to. multi-level link2 chuva. haha!

    yeah, we should try happy horse someday. 😀

    i’ll link a blog entry to your post. hehe

  3. @ colin: ang nagpauso sa rh fever kay iyang name nagstart sa letter B. haha. bitaw, na-anticipate na nko ang multi-linked post na ni. hehe

    @ ako si j: thanks dearie! 🙂 inuman tayo nxtym!

    @ jeps: and so are you! hahaha 😀

  4. adik na ata ka sa mga links rai!
    pakyu lagi kaau tong iaalay mo ang happy horse sa barkadang di masaya ! ahahhaah!!
    nagreact kuno jud daw ko! hahahaha!!

  5. @ joan:

    yes jo, para sa barkadahang tunay, iaalay ko ang happy horse!
    weeehh! haha. best in link2 na ata ko! haha

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