Just What Was It That Made Yesterday So Different?

Anybody can say that my weekend was a total crap. I went home, uncertain of whether I would be able to finish my thesis revisions or not. I wanted to do my thesis, badly. But what could I do? Things went totally wild. I was facing the computer screen for God-knows-how-long, a lame attempt though. I was not sure if I really wanted to do my thesis, or other school works for that matter. I wanted to go out and have some fun despite the fact that I needed to get going with my academics. That was a bullshit. But I was not really in the mood to do some academic stuff. Pathetic.

So yesterday, as I was in the middle of scribbling whatever-you-call-it for my thesis, it suddenly occurred to me that I needed a break. As if I haven’t had enough of breaks, right? I was then setting deadlines for myself. I needed pressure. I know. I work best under pressure. So after staring so so long at the piece of paper in front of me while singing along to Cigarette by Yellow Card, I immediately decided to go to my friend’s house. Off I went.

The bottomline: yesterday was just really different.  It was one of my best fun times. It was a bit weird. After all, it was a Sunday, supposed to be family day. But it was still cool. I was with two of my best-est friends, and someone who told me he actually got angry with me on the 5th day and trashed the anger away on the 7th day. Now, whatever that was, I know what he meant. And I was sorry.

Anyway, it was the same old brand new set-up. Bottles of beer, and hmmm? Plus the four of us, which made the day different. It was FUN! And exciting! And, and! Yes, we sang our heart out. I enjoyed everything!

Now, good luck to my thesis. True enough, nothing is more fatiguing than the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task (some line I customized for my dear friend who needed it that time). *Wink*

*Thesis mode AGAIN!* Damnet. Pressure! Pressure!!!


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