THES-is My ONLY Way Out!

aa3 I just had my thesis defense yesterday, MONDAY 2-3pm. The photo was one of my pre-thesis defense preparations weeks ago. Supposed to be, I’ll be having my defense on Thursday but my friend asked me to present first so she could prepare. Maybe she really thought I was already that prepared. I was not really sure, but still, I agreed. Nothing to lose, I guess. So given that my mind was set to have my defense on Thursday, I got uncertain. I felt like crying. Maybe I was just nervous. To ease things up, I thought then that it would be better that way, just so I could get it over with. I set my mind to expect for the worst. And got myself ready to be trashed. Talk about being underconfident! Whew.

After an hour of waiting for my defense, I had calmed myself down. When I entered the room, I was not nervous anymore. Same old things. I just laughed at my mistakes. Everything went fine, I think. I was just all too cool about it.

But I STILL HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO, a lot of stuff to revise. No major editing and revisions though (or so I think). I BELIEVE I CAN HANDLE IT. I KNOW. See, am I really that confident and strong? I do not know exactly. Honestly, I felt weak after the defense. Maybe because I know that it’s not the only thing I need to do. I am doomed. Jeez. I AM DAMN TIRED. I got to the point that I felt really really really tired that I just slept the rest of the day after my defense. I even overslept so I got really late for my first class the next day.

So help me God. I need to stop complaining, and quit being knocked-up at times.


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