Second-Hand Emotions

My 14th of February was a blast! Valentine’s Day used to suck (for me), not because I remember being always single on that day, but because it just do not make sense to me. Maybe it was just my highschoolish feeling way back. After all, what do I care about that crazy little creature whose name rhymes with STUPID?

Ready. Set. Go!


The 14th was a lot more wonderful because of the special people I was with.


With Beans, who will always be my bestbud. And that says it ALL.


With Gold, who will always be my other half (even though I know I am already whole).


With Anj and Coh, who will always be my super friends.


With Joan, who will always be my super hyper friend.


With Mama Roch, Krish, and Steh, who will always be my wholesome friends. Yahoo!

I am not getting any younger. And I know that I need to enjoy life as it unfolds before me. Valentine’s Day is not a time to cry and grieve over failed relationships and wasted tears, not to mention war of the worlds and the men-are-from-Mars-and-women-are-from-Venus thing. It was pretty depressing, thinking about how people/things suddenly seem to slap their asses right in front of me! I’ll have time for that, BUT NOT NOW PLEASE. I have my friends, and I am happy with that.



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