I Know BUT I Do Not Know.


I am NOT in love.

I SWEAR, I’m not.

But I do not know exactly how I feel. I just hate feeling this way. Feeling something I do not understand. It’s something I cannot resist. I keep on thinking about it. I hope I can just be insensitive whenever I want to. But this thing makes me ill, makes me dead, makes me naive.

I know I should not be feeling this way.

I know I do not have even the single right, the least right to feel this way.

But this is not the first time I have felt this way. I do not understand.

I just do not know.

I do not know.

But I am dying to know.

Maybe, just maybe.


And it kills me – softly, gently.

Knowing that someday, somehow, sometime I’ll be outta here, out of this feeling.

I hope this feeling will just pass and die a natural death.

Because I cannot stand it.

But whatever it is, I deserve to know.

So please let me know.



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