Interview Jitters

YESTERDAY was the JOBS FAIR. And I was kind of excited and nervous at the same time. We were told that the fair would start at 8:30am. The night before (its not night anymore actually), I slept at 1am because I needed to fix some parts of my thesis before sleeping, just so I won’t forget about what I have in mind. So there, I woke up at 7am, arrived at Gold’s pad (with Steh) at around 8:30am, checked and edited my resume, ate breakfast, fixed myself, and then we were off to UP Anda.

BREAKING NEWS:  The moment I woke up, I was sure I needed help with measuring my eyeBAGS! I think it was pretty obvious that I had not been sleeping well and so I looked somewhat stressed and I-don’t-know. But I didn’t mind it. Whew.

This was taken during our mock job interview. Care-of our Business Communication class.


See, I looked like a tv reporter, well at least, that’s what Peaches told me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo yesterday, just so you could imagine what I looked like. Haha. But don’t wori, I’ll show you my photo with Mr. Jollibee – The Mascot! I looked just fine, I think. After all, it’s not the first interview of my life. The thing is, this time’s different. I am competing with others to get the position I want and need. I heard that with all 2 million graduates this year, there are just about 900,000 available jobs. Hmm? Oh yes, welcome to the real world dearie.

The fair lasted until 2pm. I was exhausted after about hours of walking, standing, and roaming around with my high heels. It’s not that I wasn’t comfortable. It was just flat-out tiring. BUT IT WAS EXCITING! I believe that I did all the best I could.

Some months from now, hopefully, I will be off to land on the job that will best fit my personality and skills. It dawned on me; this is not some sort of a joke. This is real. And this is it. Few months from now, I will be graduating. I WILL! And I will be living another kind of life. Probably, a life different from the life I’ve lived for so long. I am just positive of wherever life may bring me.

Someday, I know my family and friends will be more proud of me. I will do good. I can and I will.

SNAPPING BACK TO REALITY, I still have my thesis at hand plus all the other school stuff I need to do. But I am moving on with everything; be it with sleepless nights and hunger strikes, I will carry on! That’s the spirit!!


5 thoughts on “Interview Jitters

  1. grrr. anxious na ako sa jobs2 na yan. hmp.

    (i wanna say a green joke, but since i’m thesis-ing on blogging ethics, i might break the rules myself. joke. haha!)

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