GENE-use Mode

Grab something for breakfast-not so heavy lunch-midnight dinner-nibble nonstop until bedtime-plus POP cola every “meal”…

Behold. Because for now, I am the library’s close friend.



By the time I’ll be able to finish my thesis, I’ll run the risk of ulcer and hyperacidity. God forbid! I have not been living a healthy life now (as if something has changed from before!) But this time has been worse, I have not been eating and sleeping well. I am so into my academic life that I sometimes get afraid of leaving my schoolworks behind. Like what I have been meaning to do, I need to have less time for party and for bumming around just so I can finish my thesis on time. Plus I need to beat the deadlines. Whew.  Plus I still have four other subjects to deal with!

Yes yes. I know! These are the rants of every student, every graduating student. I am quite having a hard time to craft my thesis in a way that it will be not be trashed. And yes! I have started crafting my results and discussion chapter just last night. *Sigh*

May the force be with me, and with you too.


PS: Van, I will blog about “When Night is Falling” if I already have enough time. I want to let my heart out when I write about it. *Smiles*


2 thoughts on “GENE-use Mode

  1. ok lang yan ate. pareho na tayo, walking eye bag. and hindi ko alam kung babalik pa sa dati. haha!
    goodluck sa studies ate, for sure kaya mo yan.

    btw, mind if i link you? (:

  2. @ jes

    sure. no problem. ill be glad bout the link 🙂

    babalik pa sa dati ang eyebags natin, dont wori. hehe
    for the sake of our future, wag na muna natin pansinin ang eyebags. ahaha.

    thanks for dropping by. Goodluck to u too. Aja!

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