Persistence of Memory


Persistence of Memory

I won’t say that I’ve had enough of my Arts and Society class, because honestly, I’ve had too much. It occurred to me now, why the hell I took this GE subject. But of course! I need it to graduate. As if I have a choice. But anyway, I feel proud because I get to know all those 600 paintings we are required to familiarize/memorize. After all, it’s an art appreciation class. Talk about aesthetic sensibility.

Anyway, the painting is by Salvador Dali, our professor’s favorite surrealist painter. “Persistence of Memory” is just one of those 600 paintings I need to familiarize (and I am studying right now for tomorrow’s quiz). I especially like this painting because I feel like it has something to do with what happened during the past, my past. And since this is my first post this 2009, I’d like to have this painting included in this post.

The clocks are obviously symbolic of the time – in my case, the time I have spent last year. What have I done? I don’t think I’ve done something really life-changing. I do not exactly remember what good and bad things I did. But I’m happy that I’m still alive and kicking.  I’d like to make a list of the things I consider significant last year; that is, the things that took my breath away.


++ I turned 20! I have passed the legal barrier folks! More responsibilities to come.

++ A lot of hanging out with my highschool and college friends.

++ My drinking sessions with my drinking buddies/beerfriends.

++ I got infatuated with he-who-must-not-be-named.

++ I got so preoccupied with my thesis proposal and thesis defense.

++ My first college fieldtrip ever! Camiguin, Samal and Eden Park.

++ I got so star-struck with Gaby dela Merced! Haha!

++ I first joined a walk-out rally.

++ I joined the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit.

++ I met Kublai Millan and had a photo taken with him and his baby son.

++ I got disappointed with a very special friend.

++ I got confused with what I feel for a friend.

++ I cried before my thesis defense.

++ Drinking became a Friday night activity.

++ I felt closer with my friends.

++ I had the happiest vacations ever.

Nothing really productive right? Don’t you worry. Watch out. Haha. What’s more important is the happiness I’ve had and the happiness I’ve shared with others.


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