Too Much Waiting

History repeats itself; it’s annoying. And that’s actually an understatement.

I should have learned my lesson by now. Now what? This always happens every year! The moment she sent me the message inviting me to go out tonight, I felt happy but I knew it’s gonna be a problem.  Still, I insisted to meet her again. Wtf! It has always been like this. AND I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS! All I want is to save the friendship, that’s it. *Sigh*

So here and now, waiting again. Waiting like forever. Waiting like what happened before, last year to be exact. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Waiting until I receive a message to meet her where. And earning the anger of my father after knowing that I am still out this late.  Not late for me though, it’s still 10 PM.

I knew she was coming home. And I had made it clear to myself that I would just feel perfectly fine if we do not see each other this year.  But she wants us to meet so I agreed because I still care. And now, she’s G0d-knows-what-happened!

I am getting tired of waiting.  I wished I had just gone home. I wished I had not agreed to meet her on the first place. If I only knew this would happen – but yes, I knew, I was just stupid.


4 thoughts on “Too Much Waiting

  1. it’s too painful to wait…
    For me, yan ang pinakamahirap gawin huhuhuhu…
    So, di kayo nag meet rai? 😦 that’s bad… strike 2 na!

  2. van, di kami nagmeet. strike 2, pero if you’ll count the ones before pa, strike ewan najud. i lost count. hay!

    cge nalang.

  3. @ beans:

    ahaha. so xa ang latest comment sa fs nko? nway, LR nga pero ayus lang. ikaw man pud ang akong gisultihan sa akong kalagot ato na tym. hehe.

    thanks beans. mwa.

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