Sunday, 7th of December – While the whole world stopped revolving because of the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight, in a tiny part of this country, someone turned TWENTY! Hahaha!

Oh yes! I turned TWENTeeeeehhh! And yes, was I happy? Of course! I was overjoyed. I told you right? I want things to be extra special during my birthday. There was nothing really different if you come to think of it, but hey! I’m already TWENTY! And that’s something. Whew! Plus I have my good friends with me.  Ehem!


So anyway, I brought this cake for myself.


And for my ecstatic and wonderful friends who stayed with me the night before my birthday until the wee hours of my bornday!

From left to right:  Elton, Me, Beans, Anj, Alpha, Gold, Joan, Coh and Krish who took this photo. Thanks to yah all!


Yum, yum!


I got this from Beans, my best buddy. Thanks Beans!


And thanks to my Mama for the surprise visit, so then we had dinner again on the night of my birthday. Whew! Talk about double celebration. Wee!

And to everyone who saved a second to greet me on Friendster, Multiply, including those who texted me. I love you! Yahoo!


3 thoughts on “TwenTEEN

  1. sayang wala mi diri nila meng, char lang… were you really happy? hehe joke. kabalo ko naghulat ka kay toot, nagtext siya? wahahahaha. hai naku rai, sagdi nalang to xa. happy ko ka happy naka rai hehe. 🙂 mwah, belated pi birthday again.

  2. @ van:

    hehe. im hapi bisag wala xa. honestly yes. di na nako kailangan maghulat sa iya para maging hapi, unlike before diba? ive learned from the past na. ehem! haha. pero yeah, nagtxt man xa kay naggreet ug nagcomment sa fs. 🙂

    sayang gani nag uli mu nila meng. T.T
    nway, thanks a lot van. mwah!

  3. char. naalala gihapon niya ka rai, amazing! 🙂 ana gyud nga SPECIAL noh? cge lang… tuloy parin ang buhay rai. hehehe… mwah. naa lang mi diri, char…murag blue blink diay, sa bawat oras nariyan, tutulong sa nangangailangan. hehe

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