So last night, I went all too blasphemous again. How many times have I done that? One, two, three? I lost count. I didn’t know why the hell I had so much gall to talk like I was a pro and defy the second commandment of my God – thou shall NOT put the name of the Lord, your God, in vain. I have been taught during my high school days to follow the ten commandments, to be Christ-like and to be this and that. Yes, having been in a Catholic school for four years did not actually do much to change me and my bad old days. Of course, what do you expect? I am entitled to my own actions.

So anyway, its not as if I have committed a crime or whatever you wanna call it.  Its just, uh, yeah, just that. So I went all paranoid and told them (last night I was in Beans’s room with Joan and Elton) that I needed some divine intervention. Oh as if that alone is enough to bring me back to my senses. Woah!



I have been ranting about my going to church to celebrate the mass every Sunday. BUTT of course, those Sundays were just all about physical presence, maybe a mere obligation to spend the day with my mother.

I do not know what I need. Hmf.


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