Yes I swear to the Lord and to ALL that I will graduate on time. Whew. I will graduate on April 22, 2009.


Taken last October 17, 2008 – Friday

(Gold‘s Cam, Taken by Janver, Edited by Beans)

There has been a long-standing belief, a myth as they say that if you have your picture taken with the oblation, you will not graduate on time. And to prove the myth wrong, I had my picture taken with the oblation just recently! But anyway, it was not the first time. I already had a picture with my roommates taken with the oblation. One brave soul huh? Di pa nakontento sa isa eh. Haha.

You see, it’s just a matter of motivation, determination, and the right attitude coupled with optimism and prayers. *WINK* With last semester’s tough journey, Dr. Eligio’s Communication Planning back to back with Dr. Rasco’s STS, and side by side with ComA(tose) 200a a.k.a. the deadly THESIS. Huwah! I am still alive and kicking! Life has its own way of saving me. Good Lord.

At last, I’m off to my last semester. And I promise that I’ll do whatever it takes to complete my college life on time. Mark that!


5 thoughts on “I WILL GRADUATE ON TIME

  1. WAAAAH! Naa koy pic with Oble. Mao na. Oink HAHAHAHA pero wa toy labot oy kay delayed man jud ko after three courses ba naman hahahaha

  2. unsaon nalang ang pic nato yung first year rai? hahaha. complete pa ta ato. yeah boi. gogogo for the gold. mu graduate ta on time!

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