When You Start Studying and Praying at the Same Time…

That’s when you’ll know YOU ARE CRAMMING. Yes, believe it or not, you actually are. And it sucks because you do not know what things you’ll do first and what things you’ll get rid of. And what’s worse? It is happening to me now! Like yes! I AM CRAMMING. And I am not even sure if I am praying or what!

And for those who do not know, I AM NEVER A CRAMMER in my previous life. It’s just that things don’t always go your way so you have to learn to adjust. Right? And you’ll never know when you’ll get sleepy or when someone will text you inviting you to do something fun and relaxing! Or when you just unconsciously spend your time doing nothing.  What do you expect? Its either a YES or a NO. Sad as it is, it is often YES for me. (I DON’T SOUND DEFENSIVE, DO I?) HAHA.

Good thing I can still handle my life. With everything I have to finish to end this semester, I am nearly dying! Whew! A better thing is I can still make my academic life and social life coexist peacefully. AN ACHIEVEMENT? YEAH WHATEVER!

Anyway, I am hoping to end these all as soon as possible.


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