Unfolding My GENE

STS. Science, Technology, and Society. There. Maybe I should start there. I believe it’s still safe to say that this blogsite is inspired by my STS class. Being branded as one of the RASCO (Dr. Eufemio Rasco, our professor) babies, I decided to lay myself open again – raw and naked. My STS class is one tough journey. It is, well, READ OR LIE. Or might as well, DO OR DIE. Reading assignments always damage my pockets. Every meeting is a dying day. Every meeting is characterized by nerve-wracking moments and wait-till-you-turn-speechless moments. Just as how every point in basketball is important, in STS, every three bonus recitation points is worth a try. And TODAY. Today is the last day of the class. On the one hand, it is relieving. On the other, it is puzzling. The final exam is NOT over yet. But it will be over soon.

STS is FULL of learnings, insights, and new ideas. I definitely learned a lot. True enough, it has brought pressure to the class. BUT HEY. Who says learning can’t be fun? Its just a matter of listening in the class while scribbling stuff on your notebook, paperchatting, momentary chitchatting with your forever seatmate, and making sure you don’t get caught looking at the wall clock. Those were all FUN, not to mention the “words” that either inspired or scarred your skin.

So! Just as we are always talking about genes and stuff in class. I am, well, determined to unfold my own gene. Ang sabi pa nga sa Stainless Longganisa ni Bob Ong: Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead, Gene Fowler. (Same name huh?).

WRITE TO EXPRESS, NOT TO IMPRESS. This is my way of unloading my burdens and sharing what I think and feel about things around me. I am not even promoting this blog.  And I don’t actually care if people will read this or what, so I just have to do my thing. Thanks for understanding.


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